Natural Soap + Skincare with Emily Sims

In this intensive, hands-on workshop you will learn how to produce and enjoy the benefits of natural, wholesome soap and skincare products – free from harsh chemicals, perfumes and toxins.

Emily is especially passionate about using natural fats like lard and tallow which are often a discarded waste, pure beeswax and seasonal herbs and flowers from the garden.

She will teach you how to make your own grey-water safe dishwashing liquid, moisturising hand salve, body butter, herbal face masks, lip balm, beeswax wraps – as well as each person making a big batch of traditional “cold process” soap to take home with them.

All recipes can be easily recreated at home without fancy equipment – and are based on ingredients you can source locally and economically.

Email Emily at for more information and to register your interest.

Photos courtesy of  Instagram @hand_to_ground_emily